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Cold Water Therapy – Olympic Style

If you’re like most, your daily routine includes a steaming hot shower. But you could be gaining remarkable health benefits of cold water therapy by turning the water dial to cold or even better – going for a swim in the ocean! The practice of a cold morning swim is an extraordinary health revitalizer, embraced around the world for thousands of years.

One of the basic theories behind cold water therapy is that your body gains vitality and resilience through managed stress. In other words, by briefly and routinely exposing your body to certain stresses — like cold water, intermittent fasting, or high intensity exercise — you enhance your health dramatically.

Cold water therapy is simple and practically free — all you need is your own shower (or bath).

If you would like to join Ireland’s most decorated X-Olympic Swimmer Andrew Bree for a swim, any morning of the year, be sure to touch base with the owner of Ennislare House.